Kas Municipality Public Beach – Sea Nature and Landscape

Kas Municipality public beach is located within the borders of Çukurbag Peninsula. The beach is very wide and well-maintained. The blue flag beach is one of the popular beaches of Kas with its cool and clean water and various facilities. Nestled on the mesmerizing coastline of Turkey’s Mediterranean region, Kas Municipality public beach invites you to experience the perfect blend of tranquility, pristine shores, and breathtaking views.

Kas Municipality public beach

Beyond the beach, explore the enchanting surroundings. Kas is renowned for its rich marine life, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Discover vibrant underwater ecosystems and uncover the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean depths.

As you relax on the beach, feast your eyes on panoramic views that encompass the majestic coastline and the surrounding landscape. The picturesque setting is a feast for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike, offering a captivating blend of sea, sky, and mountains.

There is a green area on the beach with a view of the island of Meis. Apart from the beach, you can also sunbathe in this green area. In addition to renting sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, you can bring your own umbrella. In addition to the normal beach, there is a women-only beach. If you want to get detailed information about Women’s beach, you can also take a look at our Women’s beach article on our website.

Both the water and the outer surface of the beach are composed of large and small pebbles and fine, soft, golden yellow sands. Therefore, it is recommended to bring your sea shoes with you. There are no waves on the beach in the morning, but it has a slightly wavy structure towards the evening.

You can reach Kas Municipality public beach either by your private vehicle or by minibuses.

Kas Municipality public beach Facilities

The public beach, which is free to enter, offers many different possibilities. There is a cafe and restaurant on the beach where you can easily meet your needs such as eating and drinking. If you wish, you can eat at the cafes and restaurants here, or you can have a picnic in the green areas.

There is also a playground for families with children on the beach. In addition, there are WC, changing cabins and shower cabins on the beach.

Kas Municipality Public Beach Beach with Island and Nature View - Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı Kas Municipality Public Beach Beach with Island and Nature View - Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı Kas Municipality Public Beach Beach with Island and Nature View - Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı


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