Alanya Lighthouse – Best Walking Areas in Alanya

Located close to many places in Alanya, the Lighthouse is within walking distance of the Red Tower and the Marina. Those who visit the Alanya lighthouse are generally local and foreign tourists who want to take a walk, get fresh air or take pictures.

About Alanya Lighthouse

During the Ottoman Empire, it was built by Groom İbrahim Pasha from Nevsehir in the 18th century by French contractors, who were allies of the state. Alanya Lighthouse, built on one of the bastions of Alanya Castle in 1880, has a length of 6 meters. However, the lighthouse reaches a height of 209 meters with the ground on which it was built. It has a 20 nautical miles field of view and the Alanya Lighthouse, which is a route light, works with a system that is technically installed.

It was operated by the French until 1936. The lighthouse was taken from the French in 1936 and nationalized. The Alanya Lighthouse, which is the only historical lighthouse in the region, serves to guide ships in the Mediterranean today.

Alanya Lighthouse Alanya Lighthouse Alanya Lighthouse


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