Zeytintasi Cave Natural Monument – Cave to Visit Near Belek

Zeytintasi Cave is located in Gokceler location of Akbas village, within the borders of Serik district of Antalya. It is located on the southern slope of Zeytintasi hill, 400 meters from the top. Located at an altitude of 225 meters above sea level, the cave has the feature of being a double-storey cave. The lower floor of the cave is closed to visitors to prevent any damage.

If you are looking for places to visit near Belek, you can visit Zeytintasi cave. Zeytintasi cave is approximately 25 km away from the center of Belek.

The upper floor of the cave is 136 meters long and the lower floor is 97 meters long. The cave, which has a depth of 14 meters, has the feature of being a karst cave consisting of easily meltable rocks that are not resistant to abrasion as a result of external factors. It was discovered by chance during quarrying works in 1977.

There are various ponds in the semi-active fossil cave. Stalagmites, stalactites and columns in the cave are covered with a wide variety of dripstones. The formation of these stalactites, stalagmites and columns continues today. With this feature, the cave also has the feature of a still living cave. Apart from this, the cave has pasta-like stalactites with lengths ranging from 5 cm to 70 cm. In the cave, where there are hundreds of crystal-like stalactites, the section known as the chandelier hall attracts attention.

Zeytintasi Cave, which was formed over approximately one million years, has many sections and rooms formed by dripstone columns.

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