Waterfall to See Near Belek – Ucansu Waterfall

One of the places to visit near Belek is Ucansu waterfall. Ucansu Waterfall is located within the borders of Akcapinar village, Serik district of Antalya province. Ucansu Waterfall is actually not one but two. Although the waterfalls are called Ucan 1 and Ucan 2 by the locals, many people prefer to call these waterfalls Ucansu Waterfalls. These waterfalls occur when a stream coming from the Taurus Mountains divides into two separate branches.

Ucansu Waterfall is also located on the road called St. Paulus, which is the longest walking route in Turkey. It attracts the attention of both local and foreign holidaymakers due to its nature and appearance. The waterfalls, which consist of two separate parts, are 52.5 and 75 meters high, respectively.

When it is not crowded, you can not only take nature and memory photos at this waterfall, but also do various activities such as rafting. Apart from this, you can have a pleasant time with both your family and friends by participating in various safari tours organized around the waterfall. Donkey tours are also organized around the waterfall, and if you wish, you can tour around the waterfall by riding a donkey rather than with a vehicle.

Entrance to Ucansu waterfall is free and there are no restaurants or markets here. If you want to visit Ucansu waterfall, you need to bring your needs such as food and drinks with you.

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