Termessos Ancient City with its Nature and History

Termessos Ancient City; It is located in the southwestern part of the Pisidia Region, called Milyas, in the valley between the Solymos Mountain, which is now called Gulluk. It is also located within the borders of Termessos National Park.

It is one of the best ancient cities you can visit in Antalya. The ancient city attracts the attention of many people because it is on the top of a mountain and is intertwined with nature. In addition to visiting the ancient city, you can take a nature walk and get fresh air. Apart from reaching the ancient city by private car, you can also go through tour operators.

After the ancient city was abandoned, it was not used as a settlement again. It has also only been damaged by natural causes such as earthquakes. Therefore, it is seen among the best preserved ruins.

Termessos Ancient City Historical Buildings

The ruins of the ancient city begin with the Hellenistic Age Walls. These ruins continue until the summit of Gulluk Mountain. The temple in the Ionic order, the Gymnasium, the columned street, the channels belonging to the sewer network can be seen easily.

The ancient city has many tombs and temples. In particular, the construction of the tombs is quite different and varied. Among these tombs, the tomb of Alketas, one of the most important commanders of the Alexander the Great Period, is among the most important tombs. In addition, beside the monumental tombs, there are more than one item belonging to the tomb owners and showing how good warriors they are.


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