Picnic Area in Alanya – Picnic, Beach and View

Emirgan Ulaş Mesire Yeri

If you want to have a holiday in Alanya and its surroundings, there are picnic areas where you can go with your family or friends apart from the beach. One of the places you can go in Alanya is Emirgan Ulas picnic area. You can reach the park either by your private car or by public transport. The view of the place where the park is located is very beautiful. Some parts of the beach are rocky but the water is very clean. It is located approximately 5 km from the center of Alanya.

It is one of the nice places to go with family or friends. You can have a picnic, swim at the beach and the view is beautiful here. You can take beautiful pictures for souvenir.

The park, which was initially operated by Alanya Municipality, has recently been managed by a private company and people are generally satisfied. There is also a small business like a buffet for your needs such as eating and drinking in the park. However, it would be better if you bring all your necessities for the picnic with you.

The picnic area of the park includes tables, chairs and barbecue areas. Besides having a picnic in the park, you can swim in the beach below. You can also see people coming to fish in the rocky area. If you are interested in fishing, you can try your luck here.

The park is mostly preferred by local tourists and locals living in the area. Emirgan Ulas consists of picnic area and beach area. The coastal area of the park is used by holidaymakers as a beach. This place is also known as Emirgan beach or Ulas beach.

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