Nightlife and Entertainment Venues in Antalya

Antalya is famous for its vibrant and colorful nightlife as well as its magnificent natural beauties. Antalya’s nightlife offers many options that appeal to every person: lively bars, live music venues, stylish nightclubs and more. This atmosphere, full of live performances and entertaining events throughout the night, provides its visitors with an unforgettable night experience. Nightclubs, bars, bistros and taverns located in different parts of the city offer visitors a variety of options.

Nightlife in Antalya

There are many attractive places for those who want to explore nightlife in Antalya. Kaleici’s historical streets, local bars and live music venues, as well as the luxurious nightclubs and beach clubs around Lara Beach, offer their guests a unique atmosphere by the sea. Night venues, which vary according to their locations in different parts of the city, offer options to suit everyone’s entertainment style.

Nightlife in Kaleici

In the center of Antalya, in the Kaleici region, famous for its historical atmosphere, there are enjoyable entertainment options in various cafes, bistros and restaurants, as well as entertainment venues with sea views. For those who want to enjoy the night, there are bars, pubs and bistro-style venues in Kaleici. These venues, each with a unique atmosphere, offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy Antalya’s nightlife to the fullest.

Nightlife in Lara

Lara region of Antalya attracts attention as a destination with its rich nightlife. The number of nightclubs and various entertainment venues in the region attract a wide audience, from those who want to dance, to those who want to listen to music, to those who want to have a drink with a unique view. Local and foreign tourists have the opportunity to have pleasant moments by visiting these night venues in the Lara region.

Nightlife in Konyaalti

Several pubs and many bistro venues located along the Konyaalti coastline serve visitors in an atmosphere close to the sea. These venues generally offer an ideal option to relax with live music or enjoy a drink in the evenings. Konyaalti City Square, located in the middle of the Konyaalti coastline, is quite crowded at night and offers the opportunity to drink outdoors. Finally, the cafe and restaurant-style venues in Beach Park in Konyaalti have a colorful and lively atmosphere in the evenings.

Nightlife in Kemer

Kemer is home to the best nightclubs in Antalya. The quality of entertainment is quite high in nightclubs such as Aura and İnferno. It is very nice to find places such as small nightclubs, pubs and karaoke as an alternative in the street where these nightclubs are located. Restaurant-style venues around Kemer Marina have a colorful atmosphere in the evenings. There are also various small entertainment venues in the side streets in the center of Kemer. Entertainment in Kemer attracts attention with its diversity that appeals to every taste. Various entertainments are organized in many hotels in Kemer. Especially 5-star hotels, in addition to music and dancing opportunities, also organize various animation shows for hotel guests.

Nightlife in Manavgat

For those who want to spice up the night, live music and Karaoke venues are very popular in Manavgat and Side. The atmospheric streets of Manavgat and Side offer their guests the opportunity to experience fun and unforgettable moments. Venues open throughout the night offer a wide range of options for those who want to dance to local and international music or have a pleasant time with friends in a warm atmosphere.

Nightlife in Alanya

The address of entertainment in Alanya is Bar Street. Alanya’s bar street attracts attention with its busy crowd and colorful atmosphere in the evening hours. In addition to indoor entertainment venues, you can also have a pleasant time sitting in outdoor venues. Bar Street is located very close to Alanya Marina.

Nightlife in Kas (Kaş)

The address of entertainment in Antalya’s Kas district is Andifli. Andifli is a neighborhood of Kas district and this neighborhood is the center of Kas. Andifli offers visitors a dynamic nightlife with various bars and pub-style venues. At the same time, fish restaurants and taverns located close to Kas port offer a delicious Mediterranean cuisine experience, while live music in some of them creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Nightlife throughout Antalya is famous for its colorful venues in various regions. Both its historical streets and coastal areas add color to the night with live music performances, bars, nightclubs and traditional taverns.


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