Landmarks in Antalya Kas – King’s Tomb

The King’s Tomb is located within the borders of Kas district of Antalya province. There are many historical tombs in Kas district. The King’s Tomb, also known as the Lion Sarcophagus, is one of them. It draws attention with its construction.

Located on Uzun Çarşı Street of Kas district, this tomb has the distinction of being a Lycian inscription mausoleum. B.C. It is dated to the 4th century and has survived to the present day in a very well-preserved form. There are bead motifs along with an inscription in Lycian language, which has eight lines on the tomb.

This inscription in the tomb cannot be read. Information about the tomb, such as who the tomb was made for, cannot be reached. On the northwest side of the tomb cover, there is a sad-looking male and female figure leaning on his stick, with his right leg crossed over his left.

The King’s tomb, also known as the Lion Sarcophagus due to the lion heads on the tomb, becomes one of the symbols of Kas.


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