The Most Beautiful Park in Antalya – Karaalioglu Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Antalya is Karaalioglu park. The park is close to the city center and there are touristic places to visit around the park. You can take a walk in the park, watch the scenery, hang out at the cafes and restaurants in the park. It is one of the places you can visit with your spouse, friends or kids.

About Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu park is one of the most visited parks in Antalya. The park has very nice walking areas. The view is very beautiful. Since it is located at a central point, it is very popular with both locals and tourists. It is mostly preferred for walking.

The park was built in 1941 by the governor of the time, during World War II. The construction of the park took 3 years and it was opened under the name Park: Inonu park.

In the following times, the name of the park is changed to Karaalioglu, taking the name of the owner of the land on which it is built, as part of the park is built on municipal land and some on private property.

The plan of the park is drawn and arranged by keeping the ancient city of Perge in the foreground. There are 3 viewing terraces extending towards the sea in the park built on the cliffs. You can watch the sunset or sunrise on these viewing terraces.

You can have a picnic at the picnic tables in the park and have a pleasant time in the tea gardens serving in the park. If you come across the Karaalioglu park events organized according to special times, you can have fun by participating.

You can ride a bicycle or scooter and have a pleasant walk against the sea. If you want to have a pleasant holiday intertwined with nature, you can add Karaalioglu park to your list of places to visit in Antalya.

You can visit the Hidirlik tower, which is very close to the park. Hidirlik tower is one of the best touristic and historical places in Antalya. If you want to take a walk, watch the scenery, take beautiful pictures and spend time in cafes and restaurants in the park, you can add the park to your sightseeing list.

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