Etler Waterfall – Nature Trips Near Belek

Etler waterfall is located in the Etler village of Serik district of Antalya province. It is located on the Koca stream, one of the branches of Koprucay. With its height, it is among the highest waterfalls in Antalya province. The waterfall is also called Ucansu waterfall in various sources. Due to the geographical formation of the region, the flowing waters spill from steep cliffs into the abyss, so it is also known as Etler Waterfall, Suuctu and Ucansu.

However, those living nearby named the waterfall after the nearest village. You can visit the waterfall, whose flow rate decreases in the summer months, with your family or friends. You can have a pleasant and fun time by creating a trekking route around the waterfall. You can have a picnic around the waterfall and take beautiful nature and souvenir photos.

Since the waterfall is not affiliated with any business, it is free. If you are going to have a picnic around the waterfall, it is recommended that you come prepared as there are no businesses at the waterfall.

You can also camp around the waterfall if you wish. There are no restrictions regarding this situation. However, it is worth noting that towards the evening the area around the waterfall is deserted and there are no security guards since it is not connected to any business.

You can light a fire here for both camping and picnics. However, when the picnic is over, you need to make sure that the picnic fire is extinguished.

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