Alanya Cable Car – Details You Need to Know

Alanya Cable Car is located next to the Damlatas car park. It offers vacationers the opportunity to see both the unique view of the Cleopatra Beach and the mountain and the historical structures.

Alanya Cable Car

The cable car has a capacity of 8 people and has 14 cabins. Alanya Cable Car works with the Detachable Gondola system. In the system, the cable car cabins move continuously. Cabins approaching the station slow down so that visitors can get into the cabins more comfortably. Cable car cabins arrive at the starting station every 20 seconds.

The cabins have a design that is transparent from floor to ceiling. Cabin doors also provide security as they have an automatic tracking system. In addition, the cabins have an aerodynamic design that prevents shaking.

Visitors in the cabin can communicate using the Emergency Support Line at 444 6 345 in a possible situation. It is said that for the purpose of security in the cabins, studies on in-cabin audio and video conversation systems, which are not included in any cable car system in the world, have been started.

With its advanced technology system, it has the ability to work in all adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow. Apart from these weather conditions, the cable car provides service intermittently in windy weather.

The cable car system also has an automatic tracking feature that is resistant to 70 km/h. There is a 3-stage warning system for security in the automatic monitoring process. The first phase starts with audible and visual signals that warn the operator when the wind speed rises to 40 km/h. The second stage starts when the wind reaches 60 km/h. At this stage, the cable car services are stopped and if there are passengers in the cabins, they are evacuated. In the third stage, cable car services are canceled until the wind speed returns to normal.

In addition to these, Alanya Cable Car provides an ecologically sensitive transportation and has all the advantages of ecological transportation vehicles.

Alanya Cable Car Stations

Alanya Cable Car has two separate stations. These stations are Damlatas and Castle stations. Damlatas Station takes its name from the nearby Damlatas cave. If you want to get detailed information about Damlatas cave, you can take a look at our Damlatas cave article that we have prepared for you.

Alanya Cable Car Working Hours

Providing service 7 days a week, Alanya Cable Car provides service every day of the week between 09.30 and 19.00.

Alanya Cable Car Alanya Cable Car


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