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Opened to visitors in 1967, the museum consists of 14 indoor and 1 outdoor exhibition halls. In the museum, historical artifacts from the Bronze, Urartian, Lydian and Phrygian times brought from the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara are exhibited, as well as historical finds from the environment.

Alanya Archaeological Museum consists of two separate sections, archeology and ethnography. The oldest work exhibited in the museum, BC. It is a stone monument dated to 625 and written in the Phoenician language. The most important work in the museum is the statue of Heracles, a mythological divine hero.

Among the historical finds exhibited in the museum; There are also ash boxes and coin collections, along with marble, bronze, terracotta, earth and glass mosaics belonging to the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire periods.

At the same time, there are Turkish-Islamic works belonging to the Seljuk Empire and Ottoman Empire periods in the museum.

In the ethnographic part of the museum, many different artifacts from Alanya and its surroundings, such as nomadic rugs, saddlebags, slack bags, embroidery samples, clothes, weapons, daily use vessels, manuscripts, writing sets and jewelry, are exhibited in the museum. Apart from these, the daily room plan belonging to Alanya houses is also exhibited.

You can examine the works exhibited in the large garden of the museum and at the same time relax in the sitting areas.

Alanya Archaeological Museum Alanya Archaeological Museum Alanya Archaeological Museum Alanya Archaeological Museum Alanya Archaeological Museum


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